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Painter Tape

• Prevents paint seepage under the edge of the tape to create sharp and clean lines
• Creates clean masking lines for neat finishes
• Excellent adhesion
• Can be removed easily and does not damage nor leave adhesive residue on the surface after removal 
• Can be used on delicate surfaces like wallpapered walls
• Heat-resistant

Suitable for All Types of Paint


Solvent Adhesive Rice Paper


36mm x 10mm

Application Method

Step 1

Step 2

Apply the Painter Tape around the desired area to paint. Secure the tape down by applying light pressure along the tape. This avoid paint seepage under the edge of the tape. 

Gently paint along the edge of the tape. Allow paint to dry before applying the next coat of paint. 

Step 3

Check if the paint is completely dry before attempting to remove the tape. Carefully remove the Painter Tape at 45° angle to minimise possibilities of paint peeling. If the paint starts to lift, use a sharp tool to cut along the painted edge of the tape to avoid further lifting. 

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