Heavyduty Coatings

It combines superior barrier properties with excellent wetting and adhesive characteristics. It can be applied over wire brushed rusty steel where abrasive blasting is not possible.Highlights of this product include:Excellent corrosion resistance though a combination of anti-corrosion pigments and rust penetrants towards penetration by moisture and corrosive ionsOutstanding tolerance to manually prepared surfacesCan be used as a self-finishing system against a wide range of industrial chemicals.

Product Features:

  • Weather Resistance
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Chemical Resistance

Product Video

Coating System

# Type Product Name No. of Coat(s)
1 Sealer / Primer Zinc Phosphate Primer 1-2 coats

Application Data

Application Brush, roller, airless spray, compressed air spray
Thinning Brush, roller, airless spray: Dilute with maximum 5% of Nippon SA-65 Thinner; Compressed air spray: Dilute with maximum 10 - 15% of Nippon SA-65 Thinner
Touch Dry / Hard Dry 3-4 hours / 16 hours
Recoating Interval Minimum 16 hours
No. of Coat(s) 1-2 coats
Theoretical Coverage 9.0m2 per liter per coat (for dry film thickness of 100μm); 3.6m2/litre(for dry film thickness of 250μm)

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