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Slate Finish Gloss is a solvent based acrylic coating. It is specially formulated surface protective coating with added UV additive for treatment of interior and exterior slates, natural stone, cementitious substrate etc against staining, efflorescence and scratching. This coating will enhance the colour of material giving the surface a fine lustrous finish.

Product Features:

  • Protective coating against stain, efflorescence and scratching

Product Video

Coating System

# Type Product Name No. of Coat(s)
1 Topcoat Slate Finish - Clear Gloss 2-3 coats
1 Topcoat Slate Finish - Clear Satin 2-3 coats

Application Data

Application Brush, roller, compressed air spray
Thinning Brush / Roller:50% of OP-1 Thinner for 1st coat/5% of OP-1 Thinner for the subsequent coats. ; Compressed air spray:maximum 50% of OP-1 Thinner
Touch Dry / Hard Dry 30 minutes
Recoating Interval 4 hours
No. of Coat(s) 2-3 coats
Theoretical Coverage 7-10 m2 per liter per coat

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